This interview conducted Ralf from "Sweet Suffering" in Munich back in March 1994.

I met Rhino first. Joey appeared 20 minutes later.
Ralf: You are the loudest band of the world. Do you know the group Nitro? About two years ago, they said, that they want to break you record!
Rhino: Nitro? Yeah, I know this name. But I think, you better ask Joey, cause I am not long enough in the band, to know such details. I would say, we are out of danger now, because I think, they've called it a day.
Ralf: The metal fans in the States are more into "mainstream metal" like Poison or Faster Pussycat than epic and bombastic metal like Manowar or Virgin Steele. Geffen Records have the order, to make you a real big band in the USA. To be successful you would have to concentrate on your straight stuff like "Metal Warriors" or "Kings Of Metal". It would not help, to write songs as "The Crown And The Ring" or "Thor" (but these are songs, everyone in Europe expects from Manowar!). So will you change your style?
Rhino: I can tell you one thing: I agree with you, that epic stuff is not very popular in the States. We would be more successful, if we would turn down and write songs for the radio stations. But we will never do things like this! By doing this, we would betray all our real fans: The people in Europe!!! They made us, what we are today. We will not disappoint them! We will not change our style for some radio stations!
Carola Zukunft: (she was writing for my fanzine) Most of your lyrics are about ancient battles. Do you think, the music business is also a battle?
Rhino: You can see it this way. Nobody gave us something. When Ted Nugent chose Manowar to be his support act, he was frustrated very soon! He just played his shows, while Manowar gave Everything. Finally, he kicked Manowar off the tour! Other major bands heard, that it would be hard to be successful with Manowar as the support act. Only Motorhead gave us the chance to support them. Joey told me, that it was a great tour. Our fans loved Motorhead and their fans really liked Manowar.
Ralf: Are you still in contact with Ross The Boss? In a big German magazine a reader came up with the "news", that Ross would have joined a rightwing skinhead band. What do you think about this nonsense?
Rhino: What (looks incredulous)??? I've never heard anything MORE stupid! We have never been a political band. We don't care for politics, especially rightwing politics! To be in Manowar means having a lot of fun. You see, it's completely the opposite. As you said before, this is total nonsense.
Ralf: Manowar don't like posers. What do you think about wrestlers (NWO for life!), who pose a lot?
Rhino: Yes, somehow they pose. In the past, I watched many wrestling shows on TV, but nowadays I haven't got the time and I'm not so interested anymore. So I don't know, what is going on in the wrestling business today.
Ralf: Joey, in 1983 Manowar toured with Mercyful Fate in England and the bands did not get on well. What happened?
Joey: This King Diamond or Queen Diamond joined us on our tour, cause Mercyful Fate had signed to the same record label like Manowar. We thought, it would be cool, to take them with us. When they showed up, we heard, that their equipment was only hired! We gave them drum sticks and guitar strings and told them, just to tell us, if they would need more stuff. Then we told Mercyful Fate, we would be glad, to have them with us, cause it was the first tour in England for both bands. It was our intention, to do the best shows we can. King Diamond and his band used our P.A. and our lights, but they were not a very professional band. They didn't had the experience, so our crew helped them, to build up the equipment. When the English people saw King Diamond's face painting and the chicken bones, they started to laugh! Mercyful Fate left the stage and refused to go on with the tour! Instead of coming back on the stage to proof, that he believes in his music, he fucked his fans! Later on, King Diamond told everybody, that we treated him bad. Ten years are gone now and he still hasn't appologized for having told lies about Manowar! We have never treated a support act bad. Ask Gamma Ray, Risk or Drifter!
Carola: Joey, some Indian blood flows through your veins. Does this affect your life?
Joey: Yeah, I am a Cherokee! I'm a little wild (He imitates a boy, who shouts like an indian)! I get a little wild, when I see beautiful women! We should not ask, where a person comes from. It doesn't matter, if we got a white, black, red or yellow skin. We are all humans (THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!).
Ralf: How about your German?
Joey: Well, I would like to speak...You know, ich moechte sprechen gutes Deutsch, but I don't have the time right now! It is not like I don't have the time, cause I don't WANT to take the time. I WANT to take the time, but I can't! When I wake up, soundcheck starts. After breakfast, I check the sound of the P.A.. Then I do a little bit fitness sport, followed by interviews and the show. After the gig, I settle some business things with the record company and give autographs, which I think is very important. But the more I will come to Germany, the better I will learn your language.

March 1994

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