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      Hail! I'm Lita. This site is devoted to the creative work of MANOWAR - recognized Kings of True Heavy Metal. And moreover, to all that is connected with creative works, in my opinion. A history and news of the group, interviews and articles about MANOWAR can be found in the band section. Discography and texts of songs search in the works section. In the same place you can found backgrounds for the songs' texts. Photos of group, as you could guess, are laid out in the photos section. The legends section is devoted to myths and legends, which are connected with some texts of MANOWAR. Updates of this site are published in the news section. And, at last, the fans section... It is devoted to you, gentlemen fans, and to your creativity! Send me your verses, stories, pictures etc. - in general, everything, than you would want to tell to the large public of Internet. Also don't forget to express an opinion about the site or about MANOWAR in guest book. You can address your questions and offers there too or you can send them by e-mail. Besides there are forum and chat.

What is your favourite song from
"Into Glory Ride" album?
Secret of Steel
Gloves of Metal
Gates of Valhalla
Revelation (Death's Angel)
March for Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)

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